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This book is an overview of the activities of forensic experts in the engineering professions. General chapters cover aspects of forensic activity that are common to all disciplines. Specific chapters contributed by experts in each specialized field detail unique aspects of forensic engineering and accident reconstruction in the various specialized disciplines.
Contributors have been carefully selected to represent a wide variety of significant experiences in forensic practice. Biographical information regarding contributors is given in the section immediately following this preface.
Each chapter is a brief informative overview and is intended to be a reflection primarily of the contributor’s own experiences. Viewpoints expressed in a particular chapter are the author’s own, and do not necessarily represent the viewpoints of the publisher, the editor, or other contributors. Contributors have included the following information as it relates to their specific disciplines:
• Typical clients, and scope and purpose of investigations
• Techniques, procedures, and tools used in investigation and analysis
• Interface with forensic specialists from other disciplines
• Impact of forensic activity on improved practices, products, or planning to reduce the frequency and severity of failures
• Case study examples from the contributors’ experiences
• Reference lists for further reading

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